More To Do

Visit our horse club

Down the road from Branch Hostel you’ll find Konjicki Klub Aranđelovac, our very own equestrian club! Ask our staff if you want to go horseriding or if you need lessons.

Our horses are gentle and we offer rides for all ages!

Hostel arandjelovac

Visit the Bukovic Spa

Aranđelovac was founded around these healing springs, which now form the center of our town park. We highly recommend a stroll and a drink from these renowned waters!

Explore the natural sights

Those looking for wide views or refreshing waters do not need to look far! Our hostel lies at the foot of Bukulja mountain, which offers panoramic views over Aranđelovac and the surrounding landscape. Also, the nearby lakes of Vodojaza and Garasi are a great way to cool off during those hot summer days!

There are many more natural sights to behold, just ask us for more information!

Local culture and rich history

Our region is rich in culture and history, with many historical sites just waiting to be explored. Churches like the wooden church at Darosava (1831), the Tresije Orthodox monastery (late 13th century) or the impressive Royal Mausoleum near Topola (1910) all make for great sightseeing spots.

Also, the Risovača Cave near the edge of Aranđelovac is one of only five prehistoric dwellings found in the Balkans.

Enjoy local cuisine

Treat your tastebuds and try different kinds of local cuisine in these nearby restaurants: